About Me

Why Boots, Blush & Blessings?

I love boots! Booties, riding boots, over-the-knee boots, and cowboy boots! And fashion! It’s so much fun to style an outfit with shoes and accessories. Putting an outfit together for myself or helping a friend brings me so much joy. (So does a good sale!)

Blush is a must every day.  I feel like a make-up artist every morning when I do my beauty routine. Isn’t it fun trying new products? I have really sensitive skin so it feels like I’ve tried them all. I tend to prefer the prestige make up brands over drugstore brands due to the ingredients. However, Tresemme is my go-to hairspray and Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost products are the best I’ve tried! And BLUSH is my favorite color!

While I have a passion for all things clothing, accessories and beauty, I have a wonderful relationship with Jesus Christ that keeps me grounded. I know I can leave the house without a cute outfit or make-up on and still be loved and accepted by Him. My friend and I like to remind each other that, “It’s a beautiful day for His blessings!”

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