Quarantine DIY Nails!

Can you imagine having an extra $80 to spend each month on clothes, Starbucks, or towards a vacation? I save $80 every month by doing my own nails. I’m talking manicures! I like to be a good steward of my money and save where I can. And here we are in a stay-home time period, and I couldn’t be happier I’m all set to do my own nails!

I’ve never been a fan of gel, shellac, or anything on my nails other than polish. So, if that’s your style, awesome! Keep doing you. If you’re like me, or want to know why, read on!

Throughout the week, our hands are the center of everything. We wash them often, run into things, (or is that just me? lol) and put them through wear and tear. When my nails are trim and I have a good top coat on my polish, I find that my DIY manicures can last a full week.

First thing I do is trim my nails up after a shower. This is the best time to do so, because our nails are softened by all of the water. It’s also a better time to clean up hang nails, and push back cuticles. 

A base coat is so crucial. This prevents staining from polish colors and helps give your polish something to stick to. Think of it as a primer. Next, I like to use an OPI polish. I’m most familiar with this brand, and just prefer it. In no way is this sponsored, I just find the most success using OPI colors.I usually start with painting my right (dominant) hand, since my left hand isn’t as strong of a painter. That way, it’s clear and nothing will smudge while it tries to act like a dominant hand 🙂

After painting two coats and giving that a few minutes to air dry, I add my favorite top coat. This is the shiniest, quickest drying top coat I have ever tried. I prefer this one to any that professional nail salons use. I swear by it! Best part? It’s only $5! Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Top Coat (not sponsored)

Once my dominant hand (right hand) is dry, I move onto my left hand. The left hand is a breeze! I can even add cute shapes! Wait for the two coats to dry. 

How to make the hearts: I placed a drop of dark pink polish on a paper plate and used the pointy end of a cuticle stick to carefully dab on a little heart! I put it on areas of my nails that would be most visible. Always good to practice first on paper.

This light pink shade I used is very subtle, but it’s perfect for the darker pink hearts. I’m so happy with how this turned out. Every time I look down at my hands, I find a little joy. That’s what it’s all about! Find joy in the little things.

When I’m ready for a new look, I like to use an all-in-one “dip it” style nail polish remover, like this one! Let me know your favorite DIY manicure products in the comments!

Thanks for reading! Blessings to you 🙂


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