How to stay hydrated this winter!

I live in Cleveland, OH where thankfully, the worst natural disaster we have to deal with is snow. 😂 However, it gets very dry here in the winter! Here are my go-to steps and products to help keep my skin hydrated all season long.

1) H20! Cliche maybe, but are you drinking enough water? If your skin is dry, you feel tired for no reason, or thirsty, add more water into your day. Tip: buy a 24 pack of bottled water and keep it in your car. This has literally changed my life!!

2) Lukewarm water! When showering or washing your hands, it might feel good using the hottest water you can take, but this is going to dry you out even more. Use cool water to wash your hands (no need to wash the back of your hands every time), and in the shower keep that temp as cool as you can.

3) Face; I typically wash my face with acne wash to keep my skin clear, so to compensate I add an extra layer of moisture using Neutrogena Hydro Serum. They often do BOGO deals on this product at Ulta! I follow with an eye cream and Hydro Boost moisturizer. If you have sun in the winter, use an SPF moisturizer. Protect that skin! Tip: Dry skin can lead to more wrinkles than oily skin.

4) Body; I love St. Ives oatmeal body wash and their body lotion to follow. These products are light weight, not very scented and good for sensitive skin. Don’t forget to lotion your feet! Avoid the toe area.

5) Knuckles; I always put lotion on my hands when I get in bed. When my knuckles get close to cracking, I dab Vaseline on them before I fall asleep. It’s a life saver. No one has time for painful, bloody hands!

6) Humidifier; If you’re able to get one installed in your house, it’s worth it! If not, buy a medium sized humidifier for your room, especially where you spend most of your time. I prefer the Honeywell warm mist because I do not need to buy filters. This is a lifesaver for my skin, eyes, and guitars 😍

7) Gloves; Keep a pair of gloves in every coat, and another pair in your car! I promise you’ll thank me later 😃

8) Hair; Skip an extra day of washing your hair. Trust me, it will adapt! For static, rub a tiny bit of Moroccan oil (light) on your finger tips and then lightly add to the ends of your hair.

9) Mid day relief; Mario Badescu facial spray. Smells so good, feels good and light, and also acts as a bit of a wake up!

Did I miss anything? Add your hydration tips below! Thanks for reading!

A few of my recommendations contain commissionable links. You’re not charged anything more, it’s just a way to support me and my suggestions to you! Thank you!



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