Hair Detox

Moved into my new place. Wondered why my second day hair was NOT cooperating like it used to. Due for a haircut? Kinda. Could it be the water or even the water pressure? Noooo idea. Whatever the reason, I needed a reboot for my hair. Read on for what I tried. A sample of this product sold me immediately.

I typically use the same shampoo and conditioner every time I wash. I didn’t realize it but I accumulated some product buildup, as well as hard water buildup in my hair. This product is allowing me to go longer before I get a haircut!!

The shampoo is Living Proof (Perfect Hair Day) Triple Detox Shampoo. It took longer to type out the name than it did to clean my hair! 😂 Anyways, I am absolutely sold on this product. Have you ever tried it??

Photo saved from

The Triple Detox Shampoo left my hair feeling so clean; I followed up with their Perfect Hair Day conditioner and my head of hair got a whole new life. I’m so excited! It was feeling so much cleaner on its second day, I was able to curl/wave my hair and the curls held so well. I may even be able to go a third day. Pretty confident!

Day one Hair after using Living Proof Detox Shampoo and Perfect Hair Day Conditioner // hair dryer only
Second day hair after using Living Proof Detox Shampoo and Perfect Hair Day Conditioner // curled with 1 inch curling iron

I’ve always been a fan of Living Proof products, especially their dry shampoo. Have you tried it? Hands down my favorite dry shampoo. Cleans and refreshes second and third day hair better than any others I’ve tried. And smells so good!

I always check products for soy because I have a soy allergy. Thankfully these products do not contain soy! Hooray! The regular sized products are all under $28, but linking the small sizes too:

Triple Detox (Small)

Conditioner (Small)

Dry Shampoo (Small)

Have you tried anything from the Living Proof line? Let me know in the comments! Next, I want to try their new whipped glazes, for color care. Excited!!

This blog is not sponsored! I am just here to share the good news to all of you! Lol!

Be a blessing,


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