My Darling Diary

The Instagram community of women is beyond what I could have expected. I have met so many amazing women; We not only support each other, we challenge each other. “I don’t want to steal your crown.. there’s enough to go ’round” – Maren Morris

Photo from My Darling Diary

One account I’m loving is “My Darling Diary” run by Jessi Ashfin. Jessi has a really successful fashion blog, but was feeling like something was missing in her life. (We’ve all been there.. and wonder sometimes.. why am I here?) Jessi found her faith and could not help but share it with the world. And I am so thankful she did.

My Darling Diary Oversized Corded Pullover

One of the reasons I felt moved to keep my faith present in my blog was because of the ministry she was starting to do online. Jessi launched the account with “Darling Diaries” that feature a Bible verse on every page.. and now sells clothing to support women who have been trafficked down in Austin, TX. (If the clothes weren’t already cute enough!!) I was so excited to get my hands on one of her sweatshirts, or what she calls “cozies”, so that I could be wrapped up in God’s love knowing there are so many women here to pray for each other as we continue to share the good news.

Wearing a M

The proceeds for Jessi’s shop go to The Sanctuary Project – read more about their mission HERE. I am so happy with my purchase as it does GOOD. It’s not just “fast fashion”.. it’s a bigger picture. My hope is that this cozy will spark conversation and I can share more of my faith journey. I got my TTS M for the cozy, and it is perfectly oversized (And so so soft. Chevy approves.)

Chevy approved.

If you’re reading this and are rolling your eyes.. or don’t know where to begin.. I want you to know what I’ve been learning this year. (And I have been a believer for as long as I can remember! Always learning!) God promised us that He would walk with us through the storms and the fires. We were not promised there would be no fires. Isaiah 43:2 ❤️

This is so important to remember as we go about our days in a crazy world. It’s hard to imagine sometimes. But we know that He works all things together for GOOD to those that love Him. And there is an amazing end story… Heaven.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you’ll grab one of Jessi’s adorable cozies! Send me a picture if you do! (twins!!) Find me on IG at @bootsblushblessings

Go be a blessing,


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