How To Clean Out Your Closet

I’m going through a move this summer, and absolutely have to purge at least 25% of my closet. Haha! But really. It sure accumulated!! Read on if you need a little inspiration to clean out your own closet..

Put everything in one room if possible, and organize by item (jeans), by season (summer), or by occasion (work or play).

Go through each item and make piles. A YES, NO, and maybe pile.

Try on the maybes. Yes. All of them. Make sure you’re not (HALT: hungry, angry, lonely or tired). Bonus if you already have make up and hair done, but not required. You know how you are when you feel amazing in an outfit.

When you’re trying on the maybes, make sure you’re putting them on with coordinating pieces that you’d actually wear with them! Yes!! This is crucial. Take pics and ask friends if unsure. If they say keep and you’re defensive? Donate.

Key things when deciding:

1. how does it make you feel?

2. How do you feel IN it?

3. Does it remind you of anything you want to move on from? (An old job, an ex, a bad experience)

4. Does it fit? Our bodies CHANGE, ladies. It’s not always about losing or gaining weight!

5. Special event items: you really, probably, most likely will not ever wear it again. 😂

6. Does it serve a purpose? (Work, play, comfy)

7. Have you touched it in the last YEAR? (This covers ALL of the seasons, friends.)

This may not be feasible in a day. I did my pants and jeans one night after work, summer and dresses on a Saturday, and the rest here and there. Thankfully I have a room that I can use right now to do all of this! 😂

Have a friend that’s willing to help. Someone honest but also there when you need help making a decision. (This can be a blogger friend 3,000 miles away..) 😉😉😉 Love you, Ev!!

PRO TIP: we have all changed our minds. When you officially decide on your no piles, put them into boxes or shopping bags and set them somewhere you won’t see them for two weeks. (Basement, trunk of car? Or even a friend’s house). If you think of something you need as you’re going about your days, you will be able to grab it. But write it down for the end of the two weeks. If you didn’t need anything or miss anything, donate!

It’s like that splurge item.. we think about it sometimes for weeks before we buy. OR before we can actually let go. Two weeks is pretty solid for donations.

What are your favorite items to clean out?

Thanks for reading! Blessings to you as you give new life to someone from your old things! 😍

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