Affordable Finds from The NSale

I wasn’t planning to go to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I was at Beachwood mall helping a friend shop; I love being a personal shopper! We were finishing up and I was curious to see the sale in person, so we stopped in.

I grabbed a bunch of tops to try on and was put in a big fitting room with a stage in it. It was so fun! I ended up taking home a few of my wishlist items and a couple more tops. Most of what I bought is for fall but a few tops I can wear now! Keep reading for my finds. All items are in a budget friendly price range! I linked everything that is still available, but keep checking back for restocks!

I think this was my favorite find! I wanted a more comfortable fit so I sized up to a L.

Sale $25.90

This might be my next favorite, as I can wear it right now! It’s such a lightweight cami that I can dress up for work. I’ll probably wear it with jeans and a leather jacket in the fall, too. I got a size S in this cami!

Had to grab another BP tee. I don’t have any black stripe tees so I am pretty excited for this one. Sizing is like last year’s sale; I am wearing a S.

Sale $11.90

I have this color from last year so I didn’t take this one home. But it’s a great find for $11! Size S.

I took this one home in this gorgeous red, and cream color. Size M in both. So excited to have these for the fall. I feel like I have more summer clothes than fall clothes so these will be a great addition to my closet! Only $24.90!

I love this color lavender! More of a cropped sweater so I can imagine I’ll wear this as soon as Sept on a chilly night. (If we get one!) it’s so cute.. wearing size M. I am super sensitive to itchy sweaters, and thankfully this is not itchy at all!

Size Small here, but runs more oversized. I love that! It’s SO soft. Took this home, too! Only $29.90!

Sized up to a L in this cropped hoodie. It’s the softest thing. I didn’t take it home because I have piles of hoodies but if you’re looking for a new one, this is a must! So so soft. It’s also light weight! $31.90!

Don’t forget to check out my wish list blog, too! This includes some pieces and things I already have and totally recommend.

Thanks for reading! Did you get anything at the sale? Public sale starts tomorrow! 🙌🏼



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