A few ways to save

Whether you’re saving up for your next trip, a new apartment, a LV handbag or your future, these daily tips can really add up! Here are a few things I’m working on myself, so I can buy cute clothes and get a new apartment.

Reuse your OWN clothes and accessories to bring new life to them! Love this purse I bought in Dallas!

1) do your own nails

I’ve mentioned this before! Check out my DIY blog post for tips to do your own nails. Sure, a full pedicure is a must once in a while, but try doing your own in between and see how much you can save.

2) make your coffee at home

I have trouble with this myself! Sometimes an iced latte from Starbucks is just the medicine for a rough morning or a Monday. But you’ll get used to your own, and you’ll save some major bucks when you think about how quickly that daily $5 latte adds up.

3) pack your lunch

The trick is to do a little meal prep on Sunday. Whether you like taking chicken to work or a simple deli sandwich, mix it up throughout the week so you don’t get bored. Watch the savings roll in.

4) borrow / trade clothes with your friends

Have an event coming up? Scroll through your bestie’s recent pics and see if she got a wear-once dress you can borrow. Dying for a new bag? See if any of your friends are feeling the same way, and trade for a little while!

5) follow fashion, beauty, home, food bloggers for sale alerts!

As soon as I see a good deal on a must-have, I will share the good news. I love finding high quality items for less. I also love a splurge once in a while, but only for an item I KNOW I will wear often. I don’t love spending a lot for a top, but I will once in a while. Sandals, boots, jewelry or a good handbag are a few examples of items I splurge on.

6) always ask

Whether a hotel, a service or a shopping trip, ask if there are any specials, deals or coupons. Sometimes the staff will be extremely transparent and give you the inside scoop. It all adds up!

Hope a few of these sparked a little inspiration for you! Let me know what you’re saving for in the comments! 👇🏼

Blessings to you,


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