Do your eyes itch?

We’ve all been there. We cannot wait to wash off our makeup at the end of the day. But the truth is, your eyes shouldn’t be bothering you just from wearing makeup.

(All opinions are my own!)

How old is your mascara? Toss that baby every 3 months! Even more if it’s a travel sized.. which.. tip! Best way to go. Buying travel sized mascara and switching these out in a timely fashion is the best bang for your buck. After 3 months your full size, $25 mascara may seem like it can last a lot longer. I’ve read that some women use theirs for a whole year. 😮 Please don’t! This is a breeding ground for bacteria. It is so important to have clean make up practices. Travel sized mascara is usually around $12. Another tip: write on your tubes the date when you open them.

So you already replace them often enough? Next thing to check is the brand and label. A lot of drug store brands use mineral oil and other ingredients that may bother your eyes. Even some prestige brands, so always check! Just because a brand says hypo-allergenic does not mean it won’t irritate you. I have a soybean oil allergy so I already look out for that ingredient, and any hidden names that mean the same thing.

One mascara that I found that does not flake, gives me great volume and is long lasting, yet easy to wash off is Lancôme Monsieur BIG Mascara. The waterproof version is harder to wash off, but that’s the norm with any waterproof mascara. Another Lancôme fav in my vanity is the Hypnose Drama. The wands on these two mascaras are different, but otherwise I find them both to be wonderful! As I said above, buying travel sized is really the cleanest, most economical way to go.

The same goes for eyeliner. Look at the ingredients, and toss every 3 months if it’s a liquid formula. Finding the right brand is a lot of trial and error. For my sensitive eyes, I use Clinique’s liquid liner on my eyelids and Clinique’s Custom Black Kajal liner on my water line. My favorite liner below my lower lash line is Sephora’s Colorful Shadow & Liner in Beige and Beige Glitter. My go-to eyeshadow palettes are by Tarte. I do not have any irritation using their colors!

I wash off my eye makeup with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo or Tarte’s Face Wash. Followed by Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover Wipes.

What are your favorite eye makeup products? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Do your eyes itch?

  1. Couldn’t live without my LashBoost! And while I do love some Better Than Sex mascara – I find it dries out and gets clumpy so fast. Travel sizes may be the way to go! Thanks for the tip. My old standard is cover girl last blast – the orange tube and I never have clumps!

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    1. BootsBlush&Blessings February 19, 2019 — 8:30 pm

      Awesome! I will have to try lash boost! Glad you have a fav like Cover Girl. Unfortunately that one irritates my eyes, but thankfully my Lancôme doesn’t dry out too quickly! Thanks for your comments! 💞


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