Hi there!

When I was a little girl and I got a new pair of shoes, I always asked my mom if I could sleep in them. I loved new shoes THAT much. And guess what? I did sleep in them. I think my parents knew I’d be into fashion from that point on. 🙂

A little later, my friends started calling me Gap girl because I shopped a lot at Gap Kids and Gap all the time. For my seasonal job through college, I got a job at the Gap! It was so much fun. My managers would dress me up like a model to see how all new product looked on. (I loved it!)  Trying the clothes on really helped our staff help our customers; Being able to share the fit and feel of new merch. And it really helped me, because what fashion lover wouldn’t want to try on EVERY new piece in the store?

Now as a “grown up” I keep up with trends and fashion, while always staying true to myself. I find unique pieces, I’m not afraid to buy pre-loved (great for big ticket items), and I’m always switching things out of my closet. I have an eye for pieces that might look interesting on the rack, but would look GREAT on. I’m a woman, hear me rawr! I believe all sizes are beautiful. But, here’s a BIG piece of advice I’d encourage you to know.  Not all trends are going to make sense for your body type or personality.  Trends inspire; They often inspire me to use something I already own in a different way, bringing life to my closet.


I want to help you bring life to your closet.  I want to help you find new styles that make sense for you and help you feel amazing.  I want you to enjoy getting ready every day.  Make-up should show off your features, not hide who you are.  It should be fun to play with!  My favorite part of the day is getting to play with make-up, hair and clothes.

Proverbs 31:25 says, “She is Clothed in Strength and Dignity and She Laughs Without Fear of The Future.”  I believe that what you wear, and how you style your hair or how you touch up your make-up can make or break how you feel and carry yourself.  Does anyone else have a better day when they feel CUTE?!  I love the way a new lipstick or a great pair of boots can give you confidence to crush your day.  I love when I feel more motivated to go out when I’m loving my look that day.  Jesus also clothes me with faith; Faith that I can do all things in Him who strengthens me.  Faith that there is nothing that will happen today that He and I can’t handle together. Faith that He’s here to give me wisdom and motivation to do what I love, even when it scares me a little!

BootsBlushBibleI hope you’ll join me on a journey of fashion, beauty, and faith.
– Meg

7 thoughts on “Hi there!

  1. Can’t wait for all you will share! You’ve always had such a great sense of style ❤️

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  2. Fantastic!!! ❤️

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  3. I can’t wait to see where this takes you. Great start! 💕

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  4. Abigail DuCharme February 8, 2019 — 2:44 pm

    Love this! So glad I get to follow along!

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    1. BootsBlush&Blessings February 8, 2019 — 2:49 pm

      Thank you so much for reading!


  5. Very well written!! Luv

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    1. BootsBlush&Blessings February 11, 2019 — 3:58 pm

      Thank you so much, Kathryn! 🙂


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